RadioFilms is a “boutique” company that specializes in producing funny radio commercials. Every so often we’re asked to produce a serious spot or two (we like doing that, too), but mostly we’re asked to write “humor.” And because we love sound design, we often incorporate custom music scores and a fair amount of sound effects. It is, after all, radio.

We’re headed up by Paul Kinney – writer, voice talent, and producer. Paul’s “creative” career began over 30 years ago producing funny radio commercials for his hometown radio station, KSRO, in Santa Rosa, California.

After earning his degree in broadcasting from San Francisco State University in 1981, he was hired by the State of California to create The Electric Connection, a series of 72 radio dramas designed to help teach English to high school students. During this time he teamed up with Paul Robins and Phil Cowan, and went on to become a popular morning radio show personality in Dallas, Detroit, and Sacramento.

Following his career in radio, he produced the first theatrically released 35mm film “shorts” for radio stations to use when premiering feature films. His first comedy, Radio Cops, received numerous awards and was sold to radio stations across the United States, including Z-100/New York. He later served as a Creative Director for The American Comedy Network, the nation’s premiere syndicator of humorous radio material, but entered the world of advertising in 1991 as a freelance producer. Today, his company RadioFilms, produces award-winning funny radio commercials for such clients as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Go Girl Energy Drink, and Coit Carpet Cleaners.

In 2001 he completed his first feature length film, the award-winning romantic comedy “Making Something Up,” (available for purchase on Amazon.com) and in 2007 he released his first comedy CD, “Joyride”.