How do get “unstuck” when you’re “stuck” for an ending.
Sometimes the clock is ticking and you just have to start writing. Been there. Done that. You’ve come up with a unique situation that you’re going to place your characters in – it’s funny and clever, and emphasizes the USP – so away you type. But you’re not sure how it’s going to end. Then what?
Well, you can wait to be inspired, and that happens sometimes. But see, instead, if you can end it with an element/joke that’s relevant to the way you began the spot. I call it “bookending,” or ending the spot the way you started it.
For example: We produced a “Branding” spot for S&G Carpet. We began the spot by introducing a character that was “untruthful” because we wanted to show that S&G was just the opposite – that they measured and estimated jobs accurately. After covering all of the required copy points we ended the spot by revealing another of the man’s lies: he wears lifts to make himself taller. Well, in one leg, anyway. Listen to it – it’s a funny spot and makes the point of ending the way you began.