Focus on One Thing

Why focus on one thing?

Because a radio commercial is not a print or online ad that can be studied for its artistic beauty and poetic prose, make sure your script features a concept that creatively communicates a single focus. For example: “The new X-phone is water proof,” or “We’ll pay the sales tax this weekend.” You’ve got a minute or less to communicate a message and then it’s gone, so keep the focus on one thing. (Hopefully, they’ll hear it again, but you never know …) Hint: Have your client fill in the blank: Only (client’s name and product) offers or has ¬unique selling proposition.
Then, think about how you could most memorably communicate your client’s unique selling proposition. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, start by narrowing your message to one concept.
WARNING: ancillary messages and evidence that supports your USP are okay (i.e. price guarantee, delivery promise) provided they don’t distract the listener. You priority is having the listener say, “That ad was trying to tell me that _________.” If they can’t tell you the main point of your message then it hasn’t accomplished its purpose.
You only have :30 or :60 so focus on one thing.