Ignore the Obvious

The trick to being memorable

Actually, there is no real “trick.” However, I’ve found that the best way to make a spot unique and memorable (and perhaps humorous) is to ignore the “obvious” and think of something “unexpected.” That usually means throwing out your first few ideas, and waiting to be inspired. Might even take a couple of days, but it’s worth the wait.
Let me give you an example. We had a client who wanted to promote their air-duct cleaning service. But instead of dramatizing a technician doing the work(the obvious), we had the dad stuffing his small son into the air ducts to have him do the cleaning(the unexpected). It wasn’t the traditional approach, so it was more memorable and funny, as well. (listen to Coit “Boy in Air Duct)”
A couple of more examples: Papa John’s Pizza was celebrating their 10th anniversary, so we produced “Great Moments” in pizza history – recreating the Apollo Moon landing and having Neil Armstrong pitching the 2 pizzas for 10 dollars.
As an alternative, you can also start with an ordinary circumstance or situation, but give it an unexpected conclusion: Take a listen to Mercedes-Benz “Side of the Road.” A man helps a stranded woman motorist (nothing too unusual), but in the end, she wants to drive his E-Class rather than wait on hers. It’s a small twist, and a great read by Elisabeth Nunziato makes the spot.