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We understand how difficult it can be to cast actors and expect instant chemistry in a radio spot. But now, that work’s done. Next, we’ll guide you through the process of merging your marketing message with great dialogue and humor, using your script or writing an original (the latter is featured on this website). With thousands of spots under our belt, we promise yours will be head and shoulders above the competition. That’s what your client expects, and what we deliver.

Who We Are

First, we’re all friends who have known each other for a long time. Which means we can practically read each other’s mind. But more importantly, we’re all experienced performers who thrive when the mic’s hot or the audience is live. Call us if you need an ensemble cast that needs no warm-up and can quickly execute what we promise. Radio, Television, Film, Stage – we’ve all been there and done that.

Our Style

Our slogan is “little films for the radio,” but regardless of the medium we focus on creating scenes and characters that people can relate to and laugh at. In radio, we lean heavily on “theater of the mind,” because that captures a listener’s attention best and makes our spots memorable. And we work in real time in the same studio to capture subtleties, timing, and humor that you can’t get by pairing up actors in remote locations.

I was listening to our stations last week and I heard what may be one of the best radio commercials I have heard in my career. It was the “Two Square Feet” commercial. What I loved so much was that it was engaging and creative while also being laser focused on the client’s message and call-to-action. Hats off to you and the creative team, it was excellent!


Our Cast

Eric J. Decetis

We’re lucky to have Eric as one of our core actors. His voice may be new to you, but as a professional cartoonist by trade, you’ve no doubt seen his drawings such as “Lost Puppy.” (check out his website for a good laugh) He brings his knack for comedy to every session, his instincts are always “spot on,” and nobody has a faster wit. In fact, our biggest challenge is reeling him in because he always delivers too much “good stuff.”

Rachel Songer

Rachel’s been acting either on stage, in front of the camera, or behind the mic for more years than she’s willing to admit. She’s a wickedly good soprano, having sung at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and she’s the co-lead singer of SuperTrouper, an ABBA Tribute Band. But enough about her singing. We love her because of her versatility, her sweet voice, and her comedic timing. She pairs well with all our voices.

Elisabeth Nunziato

You’ll appreciate Elisabeth’s ability to create characters and bring something unexpectedly good to every script.  It could be an accent or how she turns a phrase, but we can’t count how many times we’ve said, “that’s a great take on a line.”  She’s worked in film, television, voice-over and in principal roles in theaters from 90 to 900 seats.  She also co-starred opposite Forest Whitaker in “Phenomenon” with John Travolta and Robert Duval.  We dare you to find someone better than Lisa.    

Jason Kuykendall

Jason’s one of our “go to actors” not because he’s tall and handsome, but because he delivers. Every time. His acting prowess comes not just from his years on stage and in the studio, but from the other professional hats he wears. Jason’s equally accomplished behind the camera, editing, producing, and designing graphics, so he “sees” scripts better than most. We’re glad to have him as the newest addition to our cast.

Nicole Darracq

“Coley” likes to describe her voice as that of a “14-year old boy with a head cold.” It’s true, her voice is very unique and compliments the company. She can sound rough and edgy, yet sophisticated and scholarly. (It’s probably because she’s a sommelier on the side.) Like Eric, Coley is naturally hilarious in the studio and in another life, she could have done stand-up comedy. 

Paul Kinney

Paul’s the “orchestra director” of the group and interfaces with our clients. He also plays many of the character roles and is our chief writer/producer. But he’ll tell you his favorite thing to do is to “think up ideas.” That’s his strength. Although his first love has always been radio, like Jason, he’s fully comfortable on stage, whether in front of or behind the camera. “PK’s” the glue that holds the crew together and keeps the show moving forward.

Don’t produce a spot without him. Paul Kinney, I mean. Whether radio or whatever visual medium your using for video or film, Paul produces great stuff, on time, every time.

Anthony Fasone, President – Fasone West

Commercial Reels

paul and rachel together during the recent radio commercial done for s and g carpets and more
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S&G Carpets

“Christmas Clearance Sale”

I would definitely refer them to anyone who is advertising on either radio or television. We’ve been using their services for at least the last 7 years, and it’s typical for us to get praise from clients who look forward to hearing our new ads.

Jim Ratajczak – VP Sales, S&G Carpet and More

10 Creative Tips

To Improve your Radio Communication Skills

Making people laugh is a good thing. Humor diverts attention away from the pressures and demands of life, and in the case of radio commercials, makes them more memorable, relatable and effective. They also standout in the “clutter.” Listen below as Paul shares 10 tips on how you can cultivate your own writing and directing skills.

Working with RadioFilms is truly an “extra-ordinary” experience. “Ordinary” can usually create good work. “Extra-ordinary” creates great work. And their commercials are simply better than the competitors.

Gary Benjamin – Luken Benjamin

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I LOVE these!
Best commercials we’ve ever had. Great work guys!

Marcelle Flowers – CEO/President, Armstrong Plumbing

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