Paul Kinney's 52 Tips for Producing Great Radio Spots

Whether you work for a radio station, an advertising agency, or you’re a direct client, these 52 tips will help your radio commercials get results. From single-voice straight spots to multi-voice humorous commercials, from “man-on-the-street” interviews to real life testimonials, Paul covers everything from concept to casting. It’s like a mini-MasterClass in radio commercial production.

Part 1 - Formatting

Even if you’re well on your way to producing a spot, these 6 formatting tips will make your scripts easier to reference, easier to read, and insure they come in “on-time.” You might say they’re Paul’s “pet peeves,” but even seasoned pros will find these tips useful.

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Part 2 - Messaging

Use the blue Messaging cards when you start creating a new radio commercial. They’ll teach you what to ask when you’re gathering the facts, the simple formula for making spots persuasive, things to avoid, and the key to concepting and scriptwriting (Tip #9).

Part 3 - Concepting

Having determined your client’s message, use these 10 tips to generate the creative foundation for your script. Learn how to grab and hold a listener’s attention, how to get “unstuck” when the creative well runs dry, and Paul’s tricks for making spots personal and memorable.

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Part 4 - Scriptwriting

Time to write. In tips 27-34, Paul explores the ways he writes, the challenges and benefits of writing real dialogue, the value of “writing short” and objective feedback, letting scripts “age,” and how real paper works in the revision process.

Part 5 - Producing

8 tips that focus on the voice and sound of your spots. Learn the value of casting fresh voices and when clients should “do-it-themselves,” the dangers and benefits of celebrity endorsements and children’s voices, and how to keep a radio campaign fresh.

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Part 6 - Directing

You’re not done until it’s “in the can.” (Forgive the film slang) In Paul’s final 10 tips you’ll get his 7 tips on getting the most from talent in the studio, 2 tips on mixing “for the road” and how music can make a spot perfect, and 1 tip on studio etiquette.

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Paul Kinney’s 52 Tips for Producing Great Radio Spots is based on over 40 years of experience. Beginners can pick up ideas that will help avoid mistakes, and even pros might learn a few new tricks. Choose the category that fits your needs and start there. You’ll get 6 tips on Formatting, 9 tips on Messaging, 10 tips on Concepting, 9 tips on Scriptwriting, 8 tips on Producing, and 10 tips on Directing.